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Bigger Ear Jacket Earrings, Unique Front and Back Ornament - CookOnStrike

Bigger Ear Jacket Earrings, Unique Front and Back Ornament

New design! Unusual eye catching statement ear jackets - now bigger and more prominent yet no less elegant and feminine, especially when paired with those flowers :)

These unique hand fabricated ear jackets work perfectly with my Mini collection stud earrings. Mix and match to create your unique look! :) Wear them in front or at the back of your earlobe, pinned down with a classic stud earring.

Please choose if you want pair of ear jackets only OR select jacket + compatible stud earring set shown in pictures.
  • Ear jackets are 17.5mm wide and 21.5mm tall from piercing hole to bottom (approx 0.85 inch)
  • Compatible with 11mm long 20ga post
  • Listing is for a pair
NOTE - these ear jackets are a bit heavier than my other designs. They are 1.3 grams each which is equivalent to lightweight dangle earrings. If you are used to wearing only tiny and super light studs, please check out smaller designs which you'd probably find to be more comfortable at around 0.8 grams.

These ear jackets were oxidized and polished.

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