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Small Celtic Triskele Earrings, 8mm Triple spiral - CookOnStrike

Small Celtic Triskele Earrings, 8mm Triple spiral


Small Celtic triskele earrings handmade from solid sterling silver, oxidized and polished. Post is soldered to the center of the shape.

This stud earring design is my attempt to recreate a classic Celtic triskele - a symbol made of three interconnected spirals. The Triskele typically is used to symbolize the cycles of life or eternity. Although it has been found in pre-Columbian America and in Bronze Age Europe, it's especially associated with the Celtic tribes.

  • These triskele shapes measure approx 8 x 8 mm
  • Earrings will be shipped with sterling silver butterfly backs

Please keep in mind your brand new pair might vary ever so slightly from the pics, as each spiral is individually handcrafted.

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