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Small Silver Dragonfly Earrings - CookOnStrike

Small Silver Dragonfly Earrings


These miniature, carefully handcrafted dragonfly stud earrings are formed from solid sterling silver wire. Although these dragonflies are not exactly tiny, they cover most of the earlobe, the shapes are airy and lightweight.

Spread the love for these amazing bugs and start a conversation! :)

The mirror image design allows you choose how to wear them, and create different visual effect by simple switching sides.

● Earrings will be shipped with sterling silver backs
● Dragonfly wingspan is approx 13mm (0.51 inches) and they are approx 11mm long (0.43 inches)

Earrings were oxidized and hand polished for a nice shine.

NOTE - Please keep in mind your brand new pair might vary ever so slightly from the pics, as each dragonfly is individually handcrafted and 100% hand shaped.

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