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Mini Lucky Horseshoe Stud Earrings - CookOnStrike

Mini Lucky Horseshoe Stud Earrings


Tiny minimalist lucky horseshoe stud earrings handcrafted from solid sterling silver (.925)

Horseshoe is one of the ancient and most widely encountered symbols worldwide - it is seen as both luck bringing and magically protective against evil and misfortune.

There is some debate over which way horseshoe should be oriented, and there are different traditions in every country, but here (as in the most of Europe) horseshoe is always used upside down, to "pour" good luck on its owners :)

  • Earrings will be shipped with sterling silver backs
  • Horseshoe shapes measure approx 6 x 5 mm

To make these stud earrings, I first shaped and hammered tiny "horseshoes" from a bit thicker silver wire, and then soldered standard gauge post to the top of the shape.

Finish is shiny silver, not oxidized.

Please keep in mind your brand new pair might vary ever so slightly from the pics, as each piece is individually handcrafted.

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