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Minimalist Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet, Sterling Silver - CookOnStrike

Minimalist Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet, Sterling Silver


Handmade solid sterling silver chain bracelet featuring hand shaped hammered fancy infinity link which also serves as a seamless double sided clasp - convenient and pretty :)

This is my favorite type of handcrafted chain that is super flexible/fluid, nice to wear, and strong too. Being completely handcrafted from scratch, it undeniably has its own unique character and charm too :)

The chain pattern is completely unisex, however the dainty size of the bracelet is probably more suitable for women.

  • Bracelet in pictures is approx 17.8 cm long (7 inches); 7.5 and 8 inches are listed in options OR contact me for a custom size.
  • Infinity shaped clasp is 2.3 x 0.8 cm (0.9 x 0.3 inches)
  • Chain is approx. 4mm thick

Each tiny link of the chain is hand shaped, wire wrapped and then joined together to make the bracelet. This bracelet was also oxidized (antiqued) and meticulously polished to highlight the pattern.

Because this is handmade, please allow up to 5mm (0.2 inches) variance in length.