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Fish Hook Stud, Single Earring - CookOnStrike

Fish Hook Stud, Single Earring


Handcrafted fish hook made from solid sterling silver wire. While unfit for actual fishing, this tiny hook will make a perfect gift for a fishing man (or girl!) to wear as a statement or not so secret sign of their hobby. They are also perfect for someone who loves to stand out and wear jewelry that's a bit different.

Learning to make these realistic looking fishing hooks was an interesting challenge as I had to follow the technique used in making the real thing and adapt it for jewelry.

  • the hook is approx 10mm tall and 5mm wide
  • It's a single stud, NOT a pair

Each hook is hand shaped, filed and hammered, so there may be subtle variations between individual pieces.

All hooks soldered so that the barb is on the left side, and the loop end is on the right.

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