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Tiny Celtic Spiral Stud Earrings - CookOnStrike

Tiny Celtic Spiral Stud Earrings


Tiny hammered Celtic spiral studs handcrafted with a great attention to detail and aesthetics of this timeless shape.

Spiral is the one of the oldest symbols used by mankind and today it's as alive and popular as ever, after having traveled with us through centuries and millenniums - from megalithic art to modern day accessories. We may have forgotten its meaning(s), we may invent and assign new ones, but the spiral in its original shape is here to stay. Forever :)

  • diameter of the spiral is approx 6.6mm 
  • Earrings will be shipped with sterling silver backs

I formed these petite studs from solid sterling silver wire, hammered them, soldered posts, oxidized, and hand polished to bring out the highlights.

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